The Core 3 in Emergency Response

It is essential to have a foundation of training when developing an Emergency Response Program for your workplace. There are 3 key courses of instruction which will provide your team with an overall skill set to assist in the mitigation or support of most emergency incidents.

  1. CPR/First Aid/AED: This course will allow your emergency response team members to respond to medical illness and injuries in the workplace andprovide care until professional responders arrive. Unless you have on-site medical personnel or professional response arrival within 3 minutes, OSHA regulations require on-site trained personnel in CPR/First Aid and the AED if available.

  2. Emergency Evacuation: Employees trained in emergency evacuation/floor warden duties will ensure all personnel are accounted for in an efficient and timely manner. For larger companies, check lists in assemblies areas donʼt usually work. Having employees trained in “sweeping” floors as they exit provides more accurate accountability for responding fire departments.

  3. Fire Safety & Extinguisher Use: All businesses are required to have fire extinguishers in their work environment based on the occupancy and any associated hazards. Having trained employees in fire safety and the actual deployment of fire extinguishers can ensure a quicker response to potentially extinguish fires in the workplace. This can significantly decrease damage and allow for a quicker return to a normal work environment.