FIRST IN is built on a solid foundation of experience. Harnessing our collective knowledge as professional responders, we pass on real-life lessons to an on site team and information to create a safe and self-sufficient workplace. As veteran first responders, we’ve been in the trenches and the literal line of fire. FIRST IN is certified to help you achieve your supplier diversity goals, check out our certifications.

What if an employee needs CPR in an emergency? Your staff will be ready to act with FIRST IN training. We make sure your staff know what to do. Accidents happen everyday, yet it’s easy to procrastinate when it comes to preparing your workplace. But who will immediately respond if a colleague gets injured? You as an employer can't afford to wait when it comes to preparing your staff for emergencies.


Companies, both large and small, share a common theme when it comes to emergency response in the workplace. They are all proactive when it comes to development of emergency response plans, procedures and training to help ensure an effective and efficient response to emergency incidents. Join our mailing list to receive our free white paper - Top 5 Ways Corporations are Prepared for Emergencies.