Safety in Chaos - Develop an Incident Command System for your Workplace

Organizational structures are the foundation in which most companies operate. Having clearly defined roles and responsibilities help the business environment typically run smoothly with the ability to quickly handle business issues which arise. However, this type of organizational structure doesn’t necessarily work well in the event of a medical emergency or something more significant such as a fire or natural disaster.

There is an organizational structure called the Incident Command System which was developed to help firefighters mitigate large scale wildland fires. It has grown and been adapted to work for police, EMS and even the corporate environment. Having an incident command structure developed for your workplace and employees trained in its use will ensure the chaos that comes with emergencies is handled in an effective, efficient and safe manner. Personnel who are tasked with assisting in the mitigation of emergencies will understand their role and responsibility not as it pertains to their normal work duties but those that occur during emergencies. Many companies have trained Emergency Response Team members as well as facilities personnel, security, environmental health and safety and others who should understand how they fit within an ICS structure.

FIRST IN Emergency Response Training specializes in working with companies to build Incident Command System structures to fit their corporate environment. The FEMA model of ICS doesn’t always work in the business environment but can be adapted and developed to fit the needs of the corporation. Using ICS in your company will help to ensure a quicker resolution and return to normal operating conditions when emergencies happen.