Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Preparation is the key to a more successful outcome related to emergency response in the workplace. This includes a pro-active approach...Read More
Tuesday, Apr 24, 2012
It’s 4:15pm in mid December and a 7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes the Hayward Fault in California. Powerlines and cell phone...Read More
Monday, Mar 19, 2012
There has been a recent media push regarding a concept introduced by the American Heart Association called, “Compression Only...Read More

Benefits of Being Prepared

Return to Normalcy: The quicker you mitigate an emergency, the more likely you'll reduce worker's comp, sick leave, and resume business as usual.

Avoid Liability: With teams trained and ready, you'll have the greatest chance of keeping your insurance premiums down and avoiding unnecessary litigation.

Peace of Mind: You can rest assured knowing you've done everything you possibly can to promote employee safety in the workplace.

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World-class Emergency Response Training for Corporations

Earthquakes. Fires. Evacuations. Injuries. It’s not a matter of if these things will happen, it’s a matter of when. But in emergency situations, professional responders can’t always get there in time. And time is of the essence. A few minutes can make a huge difference.

Yet many companies are woefully unprepared for emergencies. They simply install a few fire extinguishers, make an evacuation plan — and hope for the best.

But hope won’t keep your employees safe. Taking responsibility for their safety will.

FIRST IN Emergency Response offers world-class emergency response training for businesses and corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. By developing a robust emergency

response team program, you will empower your employees so they are self-sufficient and confident when disaster strikes.

As lifelong emergency responders with extensive experience in the business and corporate sectors, we offer hands-on, personalized, interactive, and company workplace safety programs that empower, educate, and illuminate. And we make it fun.

The result? Your employees spring into action with a clear plan and the knowledge necessary to respond immediately. Acting as a highly trained team and performing their roles with confidence and skill, they become an integral part of the solution.

"...because of my training, I was able to control the situation until the ambulance arrived; it felt great to be able to help out by reassuring him things were under control.E. Pira, ERT member since 2007 Emergency Medical Response